Fighting Ex Layer Alpha

Arika Releases a Mobile Entry in Fighting Ex Layer franchise as April’s Fools Joke

Developer Arika has released a mobile entry in its Fighting Ex Layer franchise as an April’s Fools joke. We’re not really sure who’s laughing, as the game looks pretty decent.

Fighting Ex Layer is a cult fighter available on both PS4 and PC that borrows liberally from the likes of Street Fighter. You’ll select a character and duke it out in a bunch of crazy bouts.

Fighting Ex Layer Alpha is a Mobile Entry in the Fighting Franchise

The mobile version, which goes by the name Fighting Ex Layer Alpha, doesn’t feature any virtual controls. Instead, you’ll draw your attacks on the screen with a series of finger swipes.

It features four different playable characters from the franchise, including Darun, Allen, Skullomania, and Blair. Perhaps if the game proves a success, more characters will be added later.

So head on over to the App Store right now to grab Fighting Ex Layer Alpha, the “hilarious” April Fool’s joke.