Ark Legends Is Getting a Closed Beta in December – Pre-Register Now for a Chance to Win AirPods

The Ark Legends closed beta begins today. If you’re lucky, you can be among the first mobile gamers to play this highly anticipated adventure RPG from Melting Games.

Not only that, but you can also put yourself in the running for some seriously tempting prizes, including in-game items, Amazon gift cards, and even a pair of Apple AirPods. All you need to do is pre-register

If you’re a fan of gacha-RPGs you’re probably well aware of Ark Legends already. Melting Games has been dropping teasers on social media since spring, showcasing the game’s slick presentation and fun steampunk aesthetic. 

But on the off chance that the game has so far passed you by, Ark Legends is an ambitious fantasy RPG that sees you recruiting heroes and battling them with other players in the Immersive Battle Arena, and against waves of Demons and bosses in the main campaign. 

These heroes are a major selling point. Richly drawn and rendered in Pixar-esque 3D, they include characters like Nomi, a crossbow-wielding warrior with a pure heart, and Ray, a spear-wielding champion with a fabulous suit of armor. 

Ark Legends features six different classes – such as Assassin, Fighter, and Mage – and six different alignments. These include the Empire, Wild Willows, Holy Court, the Predator, the Alliance, and Ethereans. 

Every class and alignment has its own characteristics, and all of the game’s heroes have their own unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses, giving you a ton of tactical variables to weigh up as you compose your squad. 

At the center of Ark Legends is the explorer, who lost his memory and woke up on the land of Ark. As you progress through the campaign, defeating bosses and completing stages, you’ll gradually unlock the explorer’s memories, adding color to the game’s floating world. 

Ark Legends is shaping up to be a brilliant addition to the gacha-RPG genre, and Melting Games is inviting you to play your part in its success – and earn some rewards – by joining the Content Creator Program.

Head to the Ark Legends Facebook page to get started.