Featured Image for our news on Arknights 4th Anniversary PV. It features Exusiai waving her hands and Emperor inside a bubble.

Arknights 4th Anniversary PV Is All Things Fun, Check It Out!

“It’s time for lunch.” “Shall we have pasta?” “Or, how about some artichoke?” It’s hilarious! The Arknights 4th Anniversary PV is out and we can’t help but just watch it over and over. Yeah, it’s that good! The Arknights 4th Anniversary Livestream will drop on January 13 at 07:30 pm (UTC-7). But today, it’s only about the PV!

Arknights 4th Anniversary PV Is Fun!

In the video, we can see that the Operators are damn busy setting up the scene. Everything has to be perfect, there’s a cake, striped and starry balloons and wine. Rhodes Island and its faction are gearing up for all the possible surprises to their beloved Doctors! The best part of the video is the multiple animation transitions. It features a blend of 3D, stop-motion, anime, manga and cut-out animations. Yowza!

The PV opens with Ceobe waking up from a nap when Kal’tsit tunes in to music on the gramophone. Meanwhile, Goldenglow brings a golden cake while Ceobe playfully tries to annoy her in her usual troublemaker fashion. We then see Elysium nearly toppling a pyramid of wine glasses due to Ceobe’s mischief.

Almost all the preparations are done, but something is still missing. So, Amiya asks Exusiai to bring the special item listed on the party checklist. And, that’s when Penguin Logistics comes to the rescue! Other cool moments from the video that left us awestruck include Kal’tsit smiling after receiving Mizuki’s gift, Exusiai giving a bunch of photos to Amiya and, of course, the Quibai swordplay. So, what’s the item that Exusiai gets from Mizuki? Watch the Arknights 4th Anniversary PV here to know!

Ever Played Arknights?

Arknights is a F2P tower defense gacha RPG. It’s set on a post-apocalyptic planet called Terra. You play the role of the amnesiac Doctor and lead characters called Operators working in a disaster management organization called Rhodes Island.

The Arknights 4th Anniversary PV is good enough to prove how good the game is. I personally love the title as it has a great lore that’s about tyranny, resentment and defiance complemented by amazing music. It has a huge number of Operators who are diverse in looks as well as skills. If you haven’t tried the game yet, I reckon you play it once. Get the title from the App Store.

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