See What’s In Store For ArkRe:Code, The Strategy RPG, In 2024!

ArkRe:Code, the strategy RPG has released some developer notes describing what’s in store for the year 2024. Developed by Neversoft, the game was launched late last year for iOS and Android devices. Keep reading to know more!

What’s Cooking For 2024?

Neversoft is adding more background battles and throwing a power-saving mode and a web mode to ArkRe:Code. Plus, get ready for some guild updates, including improvements to guild battles and a slick guild chat system. Gear up for tougher hunts with the addition of levels 10 and 11. There’s even a fresh challenge dungeon on the way.

They’re also working on some new character sketches and part II of the main storyline. Keep an eye out in March because they’re preparing for a cool collaboration event, featuring a VTuber. If you want to know more about the upcoming features and events, head to the official website of ArkRe:Code.

Ever Played ArkRe:Code?

Ark Re:Code plunges you into a post-apocalyptic world letting you take charge of a squad of courageous girls. It’s set in the year 2122 when meteors have rained down, aiming to wipe out humanity. Your mission is to save humanity and forge unbreakable bonds with the girls.

However, amidst the catastrophe, you and the other survivors stumble upon a newfound energy source within the meteors known as astrogen. Harnessing the power of astrogen, survivors manage to rebuild and establish safe havens called Arks. Thus, forming a new scientific civilization.

Yet, the tranquillity is short-lived as Apostle threatens to strike disaster once again. Along with the enigmatic Apostle, Claire and Lucia join the fray. Claire is the Vice Captain of the Apostle Hunting Team, armed with a scythe and a cheerful and caring nature. Lucia is a mischievous and skilled hacker with a penchant for teasing.

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