Army of Darkness: Defense (New Trailer!)

Dust off your boomstick because Backflip Studios’ eagerly awaited B-movie flavored take on the Tower Defence genre is blasting its way onto the App Store on May the 12th. Groovy!

  • More than 150 lines of dialogue from the movie
  • 50 initial levels, 1 unlockable (once game is completed) endless level
  • Our goal was to make a fun castle defense game for mobile whether you knew the movie or not.  Having such killer and hilarious IP makes it fun for the AOD fanboy and newbie alike.
  • The camera centers on Ash as you move him back and forth while defending the castle, but it is a classic castle defense game inasmuch as you continually need to summon troops to help you and upgrade items with gold collected throughout the game and upon level completion
  • Ash upgradeable with health, damage, chainsaw, super boomstick, iron glove and spells (the wrong book, arrow volley, magic words, catapult volley and death coaster – all spells also upgradeable)
  • Available troops include peasants, swordsman, spearman, archer, sword boy, armored guard, wiseman, Arthur, horseman, Henry and torch boy.  All are upgradeable.
  • Available castle upgrades include Necronomicon, wall archers, wall catapults, smithy (to produce more iron faster) and, of course, The Pit
  • Deadite enemies include cross-bow skeleton, flute and drummer skeletons, sword skeleton, spear skeleton, hammer/mace/axe skeletons, siege shield skeletons, knight skeleton, horseback skeletons, witch, flying Necronomicon, driad, evil sheila, pit monster and evil Ash – all from the movie
  • The user has the option to spend money on additional gold, but by no means has to in order to enjoy the game.  Our goal was to make this an added option rather than a necessity.  Gameplay is balanced and fun even if no additional money is spent.  (Think more “Infinity Blade” than “Farming Game” re: upgrades/in-app purchases)