Army of One – Revolt (Preview & Trailer)

Futuristic 3d dual-stick shooter, Revolt, looks to be shaping up very nicely indeed!

Here’s the lowdown: In the not so distant future robots have poisoned our asses with poisonous gases and with most of humanity wiped out, it’s up to one man, er, Guy, to curb this rise of the machines by grabbing the biggest gun he can find and giving ’em hell.
Take the fight to the ‘bots, running and gunning through 8 levels of intense top down action and 20 survival arenas. Wield a vast arsenal that includes all the old favourites, such as machine guns, boom-sticks and grenades, but also some snazzy futuristic technology. Cover your eyes kids as the game’s fully destructable environments get blown to bits during explosive fire fights.
With a revolutionary approach to the two stick shoot ’em up, Revolt is no mindless blaster, instead strategic play is the order of the day, with a sophisticated duck ‘n’ cover system in place. The game also boasts super-intelligent enemy A.I., graphics polished to perfection, a killer soundtrack and Open Feint integration.
Can’t wait!
Revolt looks set for a March-April release and iFanzine will review the game in a future issue. For more info and screenshots be sure to check out Kristopher Peterson’s amazing blog!