Arrog is an Intense, Narrative-Driven Puzzling Adventure, Out Now

One look at Arrog should tell you it’s got some chops. It’s a gorgeous looking game, with a hand-drawn monochromatic art-style that sets the tone of the experience perfectly. This is a game about life and death, loss and mystery, using Latin American folklore to guide you through its tale.

You’re going to be solving puzzles as you play, and you need to rely on interaction and logic to get to the bottom of the challenges. The game also features a spectacular soundtrack that suits the esoteric mood of the piece down to a tee.

You can check out what we’re talking about in the trailer we’ve embedded below. It doesn’t give too much away, so don’t worry about the adventure getting spoiled by watching it.

There are shades of Amanita Design’s work here. For one thing, there’s no dialogue in the game. Instead the game’s narrative is pushed along by animation, and that evocative soundtrack.

Arrog is one of those games that’s rich with new ideas, offering something unique and engaging at every turn. It might not be the longest game in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to stick with you for a good long while after you’ve finished.

Arrog is available from the App Store right now and you can click here to download it. It’ll set you back $1.99, and we reckon at that price it’s an absolute bargain.