‘Art Life: The Game’ Gets Fully Funded


In ArtLife – a universe created by Daniel Flores – the best artists in the world are openly treated like kings among men, with the catch being that they must fight their way to the top. While Daniel Flores is currently developing a comic series based on his ArtLife universe, a recent Kickstarter campaign secured funds to produce an original mobile game based on the concept. Now players everywhere will soon be able to step into the shoes of an artist struggling – in the most literal way possible – to reach the top of the world, punching and kicking every last obstacle that gets in their way.

Confirmed playable characters from the series will include Denominator – a literal gorilla, with a personality even bigger than its body – and Penni, a philanthropist who hopes to use her art career to help out suffering children everywhere. As players smash their way through all of the distractions attempting to hold these artists back, and occasionally help them get their artistic groove on whenever the opportunity presents itself, they will slowly learn more and more of the character’s back-story over time. However, gamers will unfortunately have to wait until December 2014 – so that the creators can deliver the best quality product possible – before they too can get their artistic pummeling groove on.