‘Assassin’s Creed Pirates’ Is Apple’s Free App of the Week


Avast, me hearties! Here’s a free promotion that should have ye yo ho ho-ing with happiness: Ubisoft Entertainment just dropped iFanzine a line to let us know that Apple have selected Assassin’s Creed Pirates as their “Free App of the Week.” If you haven’t yet tried ACP, this is an unmissable opportunity to hold onto your hard-earned doubloons and save $4.99 off the game’s usual price. 

ACP is a mobile spin-off from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag that puts players in the boots of Alonzo Batilla, an ambitious young pirate captain who’s eager to make a name for himself by tracking down a legendary treasure. The game sees you exploring the Caribbean sea, upgrading your ship and engaging in a series of intense real-time naval battles. Since release, Assassin’s Creed Pirates has received quite a bit of positive feedback from gamers and reviewers alike, with Eurogamer calling it “a solidly entertaining pirate game” and SlidetoPlay praising its “outstanding visuals and music.”

This free promotion also coincides with Assassin’s Creed Pirates receiving its fourth major content update. Here’s the full blurb, courtesy of Ubisoft:

The new chapter takes players to La Isla de la Juventud where they must destroy the jail fortress in order to free slaves from captivity. By completing this mission players can unlock exclusive rewards. A new daily reward system has also been implemented, giving players increasingly valuable rewards for playing Assassin’s Creed Pirates each day.

Additionally, ship customization has been added, making distinguishing your ship in naval battles more spectacular with improved combat gameplay.

For new players, a Starter Pack in the store and several tutorials have been added to help them start their journey through the Caribbean.

Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates on the iTunes App Store.