Featured Image for our news on Aster Tatariqus. It features Noir and his shadow expanding on the ground with a shattered glass effect.

Final Fantasy Style Game, Aster Tatariqus Has Pushed Back Its Global Release

Oops, they did it again! The global release of Aster Tatariqus, the simulation RPG, has been delayed. The Japanese version was released three months ago while the global version was supposed to hit the scene in 2023. Once it arrives, it’ll be available on iOS and Android.

What’s Aster Tatariqus About?

Aster Tatariqus is a Japanese RPG that includes a turn-based strategy.  It’s published by Gumi, who is well-known for producing other gacha games for mobile such as The Alchemist Code and War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Based on the ‘Legend of King Arthur’, Aster Tatariqus follows the tale of knights and their fight against monsters. Noir, the hero, has set out to save the world from the Barbarois, the enemies of human civilization. The story is engrossing with multiple endings. So, the decisions you make within the game will shape the overall narrative.

You can use skills with various effects and ranges in combat. But, you can only use one skill for a specific number of times per battle. You get tons of choices for character selection and weapon combination. You also get plenty of options to strategise the best movement and deploy in combat.

The characters are a mixture of traditional JRPG and modern art styles. The characters sometimes turn into classic Gumi-style pixelated models, especially during combat. Check out the global trailer below to get a gist of the game!

So, When Is It Coming Out?

As of now, nothing official has been declared. The global Aster Tatariqus team expressed their regret for the delay while thanking the fans for their support. They are trying to iron out player feedback and make the gameplay better. We hope we get to check out the game soon. In the meantime, check out our latest story on the Tower of God: New World x Seven Knights Crossover.