This ‘Monument Valley’ Fan Art Is Amazing

While googling around this morning for any updates on the new Monument Valley (our review) levels ustwo currently have in the works, I stumbled across Monument Friends, a Tumblr that’s been set up to collect and showcase fan art inspired by the game.

And… wow. Just wow. Some of this stuff is incredible! Monument Valley‘s obviously devoted fanbase has submitted a stunning array of artwork, including intricate paintings and drawings, lovingly handmade figurines and stuffed toys, a cake, LEGO contructions, an awesome-looking board game, and much, much more. Seriously, I haven’t seen a mobile game capture its users’ imaginations and get their creative juices flowing to such a degree since Angry Birds was at the height of its popularity.

I’ve included a handful of my favorite Monument Valley-inspired art pieces in a gallery below, and be sure to swing by Monument Friends to check the collection in its entirety.

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