Asynchronous Survival Horror Experience Dead by Daylight Mobile Out Now for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for a multiplayer game filled with scares, jumps and excitement, you’re in luck. Dead by Daylight Mobile, the portable version of the 4v1 classic, has just landed on the App Store.

There are two sides to the game. You can either play as one of the four survivors, or choose to play as a deranged killer. Survivors need to survive, killers need to kill. The two sides play differently, as you might imagine. There’s hiding, running, and butchering to be done.

Every time you play, the game generates a random map. That adds to the panic of the survivors, and changes the murdering options for the killer.

There are some classic horror characters to play as too. Want to play as the demogorgon from Stranger Things? How about someone from the Saw franchise? Maybe you’d rather be Laurie Stroud, Michael Myers’ sister? There’s even Bill from zombie classic Left4Dead.

There’s a lot of progression options too. You can customise your characters, and tweak their perks to better suit your play-style. Basically, there’s a load to do here, whether you decide to be a psychotic murderer or a desperate potential victim.

Dead by Daylight Mobile is available right now from the App Store for free. Click here and you’ll be able to download the game right this second.