the image shows a woman extending a hand toward the viewer and her staff held behind her as she charges it for an attack. The sky is dark blues and greys and the girl is shroud in purple aura

Atelier Resleriana Memoria Tier List February 2024 – We Remembered The Good Ones!

If you’ve got your hands on Memoria and are struggling with if they’re any good then you need our Atelier Resleriana Memoria Tier List. Our tier helps you organise the good from the bad, so you know which Memoria are worth hanging onto.

Atelier Resleriana is a mainline entry in the long-running series! However, it’s a little different than the others, as this game is a gacha. Instead of playing as the main character, you can obtain a variety of new alchemists and alchemists from past games to play as! Forage materials, craft, brew potions, and take part in battles with a wide range of magical abilities.

You can pick up Atelier Resleriana from the App Store! We also have an Atelier Resleriana Tier List For iOS.

Atelier Resleriana Memoria Tier List

Please note that as the game is relatively new, this Tier List is a build guide! We will add to it over time as more Memoria’s are unlocked and researched, so please be sure to check back soon! With that, tier lists are also subjective, so what we rank as decent may not be your personal choice, and that’s okay!


These are our favourite Memoria and the ones we think you should entrust to equipping your characters with.

  • Iridescent Scenery
  • Weaving History
  • By the Cool Riverside
  • Time For Just the Two of Us
  • Great Treasure Discovery


Memoria in this tier is a great alternative if you don’t have access to those in the S-Tier. They’re still worth having and upgrading!

  • In a Phantom World
  • Following in Her Footsteps
  • Looking Up at the Dusk Skies
  • Aim For the City in the Sky
  • A Moment in the Afternoon


Average Memoria with a few niches uses when equipped. They’re decent to use but not something worth committing to.

  • Here’s a Puni
  • A Summer Adventure
  • The Place I Want to Protect
  • Embraced by the Dusk Sea
  • Marlone the Alchemist


These Memoria’s tip into the weaker tier and we don’t think you should bother with any in this tier or lower.

  • A Melody on the Wind
  • Classmates
  • Deal of the Day
  • The Meowst Sunny Spot


Nope. Don’t settle for these.

  • The Two Shallies
  • Teacher’s Cure for Boredom