Attack on Titan Tactics is an Upcoming Clash Royale Style RTS Coming Soon to Mobile

Attack on Titan is getting another video game adaptation soon, when Attack on Titan Tactics arrives on mobile. It’s an upcoming RTS that plays a lot like Clash Royale.

You’ll collect your favourite characters from the series and send them out into battle against a wide variety of enemies. It plays a lot like Clash Royale, as you’ll unleash cards of your favourite characters onto the battlefield.

Attack on Totan Tactics Takes Place Alongside Series One of the Anime

Instead of attacking towers though, you have to defeat the titans. Playing cards costs energy, which recharges over time after use. Different characters cost varying amounts of energy, and play differently.

In terms of plot, Tactics takes place alongside the first series of the anime, though there are plans to introduce series two content down the line. For fans of the series, this is a must play.

It’s actually out right now on iOS in Japan, so if you live there and speak the language, you can check it out right away. If not, you’ll have to wait until later this year, when it launches globally.