Augmented Reality Storybook ‘Peck Peck’s Journey’ Embarks on a Kickstarter Campaign


Jeffrey Ventrella — the founder of Wiggle Planet — has been working on a special Augmented Reality project for the last twenty years, and is finally nearing the moment of releasing his masterpiece upon the world. His creations — which are collectively known as Wiglets — have been described as self-animating autonomous puppets, which are also both fully responsive to user interaction as well as the laws of physics. All of the project’s coding has already been finished, and he is now seeking the funding needed to produce the book that will be at the very heart of the Wiglet’s grand debut: Peck Peck’s Journey.

Peck Peck’s Journey will be an Augmented Reality storybook following the life of the titular Peck Peck — a simple bird whom likes to eat seeds, as well as hang out with the rest of his Wiglet friends — until one day a catastrophe turns his life upside down. Players must then guide Peck Peck through the book’s full color scenery, traversing the pages in a non linear order, as they help the various Wiglets solve a variety of physics puzzles. Eventually — after going through numerous plot twists — the order in Peck Peck’s world will once more be restored, but only after first discovering that there’s far more to life than meets the eye.


The entire programming efforts for their app — as I previously mentioned — has already been completed, and the accompanying book itself has also been finalized in design as well. The current dilemma facing Wiggle Planet — however — is that a high quality full-color book, printed entirely on extra heavy stock, is not a cheap thing to begin manufacturing. It is for this reason that they approached Kickstarter — pleading their case to both parents and fans of Augmented Reality alike — for $15,000 in production capital, of which nearly $7,000 has already been secured.

Anyone wishing for a minimal contribution towards Wiglet preservation can chip in $10, which will also earn them two whole thank you cards (both of which are fully compatible with Wiggle Planet’s free upcoming app). For a $65 dollar donation, on the other hand, people can secure for themselves a day one copy of Peck Peck’s debut novel (the high cost is due to the expensive nature of mass producing a heavy stock children’s book). Meanwhile, those whom chip in far more beyond that will earn various other rewards such as: an AR enabled T-Shirt that will display Wiglets standing upon their shoulders, the chance to help design one of the many Wiglets featured in the book, and much more!

Those now seeking to help ensure that Peck Peck’s book does indeed reach the masses – both to the delight of young children, as well as AR fans, everywhere – should be sure to keep in mind that the Kickstarter for Peck Peck’s Journey will be ending on June 2nd.