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Aura Kingdom 2 Classes

Interested to know about the Aura Kingdom 2 Classes? This guide will explain all four classes as well as their pros and cons – and even what sort of game player they suit best!

Aura Kingdom 2 is set in the world of Ramayan. Throughout the game, you learn about Eidolons and their unique abilities. In the game, you select specific Eidolons to aid them in combat, and every Eidolon plays an important role in the main story, and each have stories of their own. Create your guild and defend it from enemy invasion.

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Aura Kingdom 2 Classes

Lets dive in!


They are a great warrior and inherit the willpower of dragon to protect Ramayan. They have access to high attack and defence stats, meaning they are great at attacking and defending. Dragoon’s are the best class if you’re a new player, however they can be destroyed by Elementalists.

Some of a Dragoon’s skills include: Dragon Charge, Dragon Impact, Dragon Swipe, and Pivoting Spear Dance.

  • Stages: Dragoon / Dragon Soul / Wyvern Knight / Dragonfire
  • Position: Melee / Tank


Shinobi come from the cold nation – they’re a top assassin master in poison and sword. They’re best used to target Elementalists and Nymphs. They also have access to different forms, which are equipped with their own abilities. If you like attacking and having stealth, Shinobi is the class for you!

Some of a Shinobi’s skills include: Toxic Cross and Misty Cut.

  • Stages: Genin / Anbu / Shadow Warrior / Luna’s Raven
  • Position: Melee / DPS


They control the elemets! Elementalists are the typical mages or wizards in games. They have access to high Attack and Magic penetration stats, and are great at dealing damage. However, they have low defence stats which is usually their downfall! If you’re someone who wants to deal a lot of damage, the Elementalist is a great class for you.

Some of an Elementalist’s skills include: Freezing Ice, Healing Wind, Lightning Zap, and Storm Curse.

  • Stages: Magic Apprentice / Conjurer / Magister / Morning Star
  • Position: Ranged / Crowd Control


They come from the unknown otherworld, and they have a really high attack and speed stat. They are countered by Shinobis, as their defence stats are low. If you can deal with damage quick and love speed, the Nymph class will be great for you!

Some of a Nymph’s skills include: Arrow Storm, Blood From Beyond, and Zephyr’s Blessing.

  • Stages: Ranger / Windrunner / Flower Whisperer / Zephyr
  • Position: Ranged / DPS