‘Ava’s Quest’ Is Now Completely Free (Updated)


Here’s what we had to say about Nemo Games’ Ava’s Quest when we reviewed it recently: “If you’re looking for a true at heart throwback to old school platforming titles, which truly remembers what used to make the genre great, then this would certainly be a fine choice to purchase.”

Well, the good news is that you no longer need to “purchase” Ava’s QuestAs of the latest update to the game, Nemo have done away with its $1.99 full version IAP unlock (which was a bargain to begin with), meaning you can now play this excellent platformer in its entirety for absolutely nothing! Update: Sorry folks, it looks like the information we received was incorrect. While the IAP unlock system has been removed, there’s still an up-front fee of $0.99 required to download the game.

According to the press release we received, the 1.1 update also adds iOS controller support and makes the game a bit easier, especially for getting Time, Diamond and Puzzle badges.