Avatar: Reckoning Cancelled

Archosaur Games’ Upcoming MMORPG Mobile Game Avatar: Reckoning Cancelled!

Archosaur Games just dropped the shocking news that they’re not going ahead with their upcoming MMORPG mobile game Avatar: Reckoning. Surprisingly, the game was gearing up for a test run in January 2024 in China. Keep reading to learn more about Avatar: Reckoning cancelled.

What’s The Scoop?

Developed by Archosaur Games, the game was set to hit the scene later this year. The game was first announced in 2022. They were hyping up this mobile-optimized shooter title, promising a combat experience especially suitable for touchscreens.

Despite beta tests in Canada and the Philippines and pre-registration kicking off in China, they got Avatar: Reckoning cancelled. So, now the title will cease development and not reach its full launch. Unfortunately, there has been no clear info on why they’re pulling the plug on this ambitious project.

The change in publishing partners, with Tencent’s Level Infinite out of the picture, could be a plausible reason. Archosaur Games dealing with the massive project alone, coupled with the hefty development costs, might be another reason. Just so you know, Archosaur Games are the developers behind games like Dragon Raja, Noah’s Heart and Madtale. Fancy playing any of them out? Then, head to the App Store and give them a try.

What Will You Miss?

Well, Avatar: Reckoning would have been the fourth title based on the popular Avatar movies. The game was supposed to be a visual treat with high-quality graphics. It would have let you create and customize your own Avatars, pick your weapons and choose from different classes. It was set to have both PvE and PvP gameplay.

Currently, the chances of Avatar: Reckoning making a comeback are pretty dim. In the gaming world, going back on such decisions is quite rare. But if there’s any scoop, we’ll be sure to let you know first! Before you leave, check out our latest scoop on Here Is What’s In Store For Clash of Clans Lunar New Year 2024!