some of the characters from awaken legends in a collage showcasing their powers facing different directions with the game logo for awaken legends in the bottom right

Awaken Legends Codes – Free Rewards (2023)

Looking for redeemable codes for Awaken Legends? You’ve come to the right place. This guide has a compiled list of all active and expired codes for the game and will be kept up to date with each code drop. 

Awaken Legends is a brand-new idle RPG gacha game available on Android and Apple devices. There are over 50 characters to collect, with the game even featuring PvP if you’re fancying a challenge. Awaken Legends has a brilliant art style with intricately designed characters, such as the elf Ema Breeze, and the forest assassin Sofia.

Awaken Legends Codes

Down below you’ll find all of the active codes that are currently available in Awaken Legends for those awesome freebies. We’ll also include a list of expired codes to help you keep track of which codes are still redeemable. It’s best to use the active codes as soon as possible before they expire, so make sure you bookmark this page to keep up to date.

Working Codes

  • Awaken Legends is a new release so there aren’t any redeemable codes as of yet. As mentioned above, bookmark this page so you can keep up with the latest code drops. Alternatively, you can visit the developer’s official Facebook page for updates on the game.

Expired Codes

  • As there haven’t been any code drops, there are currently no expired codes. This list will be updated once the codes expire.

How to Redeem Awaken Legends Codes

  • Touch the portrait in the top right corner of the screen.
  • A new screen will appear with options such as Settings, Badges, and the Service Center.
  • At the bottom of this screen, there is a text field where you can enter a code.
  • Copy and paste a code from this guide into this text field.
  • Touch “Confirm” to reap those rewards, which are found in your mailbox.

Where to Find Awaken Legends Codes?

The best place to keep up to date with the latest codes is this guide right here. It will be updated each time a new code drops and provides you with a list of active and expired codes to avoid any confusion. 

About the Game

Awaken Legends is an RPG through and through so it features the typical elements of upgrading your character to boost their stats, thus making them even stronger. Explore the world and delve deep into the rich story. There is a prophecy that describes the event which occurs every 200 years. 

This is when dark creatures invade Westland, leading to the creation of allied forces to stand together during these terrifying attacks. Strangely, the third invasion did not happen, going against the prophecy. While the allied forces now live in peace, it isn’t all sunshine and glory.

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