AxE: Alliance vs Empire

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Beginner’s Guide: How to Get Started in the Latest Auto-MMORPG

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is the latest auto-MMORPG to hit the App Store, borrowing liberally from the likes of Lineage 2: Revolution and MU Origin.

Why bother writing a guide about a game that plays itself, we hear you ask? Well, because, while it doesn’t really require much in the way of input from you, there is an optimal way to progress throughout the game.

And that’s where we come in. We’ve played an absolute ton of it so we can provide the following tips and tricks to you. We hope you enjoy your time in the world of AxE!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Beginner’s Tips:

  • Choose a class that suits you: There are two different factions to choose from in AxE, and each has three different classes associated with it. We recommend ignoring the factions and just choosing the character class that most suits you.
  • Leave your character to it: We don’t recommend playing this game manually unless you really want to, as you’ll be a lot slower than the AI. Just hit that quest button and let your character grind it out. There’s plenty time to play the good content later.
  • Login daily for the quests: There’s stuff you can do daily in AxE to get a ton of rewards, helping you to progress much faster in the game. We recommend doing them all every single day to really smash through it.
  • Collect your free stuff: Check every menu, from mailbox to the event pages to make sure you collect all of your free stuff. The game showers you with items, particularly in the beginning, and you won’t want to miss out on any of it.
  • Complete achievements: Completing achievements actually boosts your statistics in AxE, so get on that. They’re pretty much stuff you’ll do in the game anyway, but have a glance at the list to see if you’re missing anything.
  • Boost your gear: You’ll get a ton of new gear as you progress, but the cheapest way to get the best stuff is to upgrade what you’ve already got. Go into your inventory, tap on an item, then evolve it using other useless gear you have lying around.
  • Don’t neglect skills: Your skills can also level up every time you do, but you’ll have to manually go into the menu screen and give them a boost. Do that every time you do – and don’t neglect your passives.
  • Hero’s Blessing scrolls truly are a blessing: If you get any Hero’s Blessing scrolls, use them. These provide you with a serious boost in XP. The only thing we’re not sure about is whether or not they stack, so be careful.
  • Dodge manually: While your character will fight automatically and pull off skills, it won’t dodge. You’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way, and we strongly recommend not ignoring this during boss battles. Those fellas hit hard.
  • Get a guild: Join a guild as soon as you’re available. Not only will you have more people to play with, you also might make a few friends along the way. Neat!