Axis & Allies 1942: Online Coming to iPad Soon

Beamdog has revealed that it’s working on a tablet version of digital boardgame adaptation Axis & Allies 1942: Online. It’s slated for a summer release, and it’s bringing everything from the Steam version of the game.

That means you’ll get a massive single player campaign, hot seat and online multiplayer, as well as full cross platform play support. All of which sounds pretty darn awesome.

As you might be able to tell from the game’s name, it’s set during World War 2 and sees you playing as either the Axis or Allied powers. Expect massive battles and loads more. Here’s a trailer.

There’s naval, land and airborne combat, and everything takes place at a massive scale. You’re in control of your countries war machines, and it’s up to you to try and secure a victory in the enormous global conflict.

The iPad version of the game is going to cost $9.99, which is half the price of the Steam release, You can get more info from the game’s official website by clicking here.