Azur Lane poster announcing the addition of ultra-rare shipgirls Shinano and New Jersey to the standard construction pool.

Azur Lane Adds UR Bunny Girl Characters to Its Permanent Pool

Three years after its release, Azur Lane will permanently add two limited ultra-rare characters to its standard construction pool. Bunny girls Shinano and New Jersey are soon going to be available once maintenance is through on January 18. The makers announced this development today on X (formerly Twitter).

Unveiling the Upcoming Update

In the standard construction pool, the combined chance to build an ultra-rare ship is 1.2%. This chance is divided equally among all ultra-rare ships available in that specific pool. However, following the January 18 update, commanders will accumulate 1 point when building ships in the light construction pool and 2 points in the heavy and special construction pools.

When commanders build ships in event construction pools that don’t have any ultra-rare ships, they will accumulate points based on the Wisdom Cubes consumed. Accumulate 400 points to choose one ultra-rare ship available in the standard construction pool. Your point calculator will reset after each selection.

About Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a naval warfare game from YoStar. Featuring anime-style characters, it is part RPG, part 2D shooter, and part tactical. Set in an alternate timeline of World War II and starring provocative female characters, its gameplay draws inspiration from side-scrolling shoot ’em-up video games.

In the game, players collect characters (shipgirls) that are anthropomorphic interpretations of World War II warships and organize them into fleets of six before confronting fleets controlled by enemies or other players.

The shipgirls gain experience points (EXP) by engaging in battles, completing commissions, or securing themselves in dormitories. With enough EXP, they can then progress to the next level. Most of the characters have their own set of unique upgradable abilities that activate in battle.

Since its launch, more than 450 characters have been introduced to the game, representing ships from eight countries that participated in World War II. It features an eponymous military alliance, the Azur Lane, comprising of Eagle Union (United States), Royal Navy (United Kingdom), Sakura Empire (Japan), Iron Blood (Nazi Germany), Dragon Empery (Republic of China), Northern Parliament (Soviet Union), Iris Orthodoxy (France), and Sardegna Empire (Kingdom of Italy).

Developed by Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi, Azur Lane was launched in 2017. It is available on mobile for both iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via Google Play). You can visit its official website to learn more.

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