Backflip Get Busy: Freebies, Ragdolls & Deadites on the way!

Backflip Studios have just been in touch to give iFanzine the lowdown on a batch of new iPhone/iPod/iPad games they’re hard at work on. These include another fun freebie in the shape of BUGANOIDS, an iPad specific version of the smash-hit Ragdoll Blaster 2, and, perhaps most interestingly, a title based on the third installment of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy, Army of Darkness.

First up is BUGANOIDS, which is due to hit the App Store this Thursday, September 16th. According to Backflip’s Julien Farrior, “This was a really fun game to make and is our homage to a mispent youth in the video arcades of the early 80’s. I would best describe this distinctly retro game as “Tempest” meets “Centipede” with a dash of “Gyruss” thrown in. The object to is to clear each and every differing planet from the evil infestations of killer bees, nasty turtles, aggressive centipedes, beetles w/ red eyes and menacing birds. You do this by firing away, picking up different weapons (5) and circumnavigating the globes (7) to avoid and destroy enemies.”

I had a quick play of BUGANOIDS ahead of its release, and can happily confirm the game is a blast and continues this company’s trend of releasing incredibly polished free games. Well worth picking up come Thursday! BUGANOIDS HD for the iPad will also be available on the same day, again for free.

In other Backflip news:
  • We are very close to 50mm total downloads (excluding updates) across all mobile devices and seeing upwards of 2,000,000 unique users a day actively playing our games
  • NINJUMP HD will launch for free on the iPad on September 23rd (NinJump for the iPhone had more than 4,000,000 unique installs in it’s first month)
  • PAPER TOSS: WORLD TOUR HD will launch on the iPad on September 30th
  • MAHJONG: DIMENSIONS, the popular facebook game, will launch on the iPhone under the Backflip name on October 7th
  • RAGDOLL BLASTER 2 HD will launch on the iPad (with 30+ new ipad specific levels) on October 14th

Last but by no means least, a game developed by Backflip Studios in tandem with MGM Studios based on the cult classic ARMY OF DARKNESS movie will launch early in 2011 . . . deadites beware! Obviously it’s still quite a ways off, but if you ask me, this Sam Raimi directed, Bruce Cambell starring schlock-fest is perfect fodder for an iPhone game adaptation. Details are scarce at this point, but Army of Darkness will undoubtedly put the player in the boots of boomstick toting, chainsaw handed, anti-hero Ash as he takes on an undead army in the year 1300 AD!

More info as we get it, in the meantime enjoy the movie trailer: