‘BADLAND’ Gets New Multiplayer Update; More Single Player Levels on the Way Too


Without a shadow of a doubt, BADLAND (our review) has been the biggest breakout indie hit of the year so far. Since its release back in March, Frogmind’s sumptuously presented side-scroller has racked up multiple awards, including a coveted Apple Design Award, and attracted a staggering 7 million+ players worldwide. Buoyed by all this success, the hard working folks at Frogmind have been pumping out regular content updates, the latest of which comes packing all-new levels for BADLAND‘s brilliant multiplayer mode, as well as a few tweaks to the single player side of things.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s press release in which Frogmind’s Johannes Vuorinen talks us fans through what to expect from this free update, and expresses his gratitude for all the improvement ideas his studio have received from players:

mp-3This time we focused on multiplayer and brought four new pretty insane multiplayer levels — one level for each time of day.

Also, big thanks to our players for great improvement ideas. We listened to them and implemented a bunch of those in the update as well. For example, this update improves the single player experience so that you do not have to restart an unfinished level even if you have killed the app.

Frogmind also let us know that the next update to BADLAND – due out next month – will add the Dusk section of Day II, bringing with it 10 completely new levels for single player with new features and surprises. Can’t wait for that!