‘BADLAND’ Updated with 10 New Levels


We gave BADLAND ($3.99) a glowing 5 star review when it originally hit the App Store back in April. Since then Frogmind’s beautifully crafted side-scroller has gone on to earn a whole lot more critical praise, win numerous awards, and rack up a hugely impressive 150,000+ downloads.

In an effort to keep that momentum and goodwill going, Frogmind have begun rolling out regular content updates for their game. The first of which is available for free right now, and comes packing 10 all-new levels with 30 new missions and 5 new achievements. Frogmind also let us know they have a further 10 levels in the pipeline which they hope to make available in “late June/early July.”

In other BADLAND-related news, the game recently added another prestigious award to its burgeoning collection — this time picking up the ‘Indie Sensation Award’ at the Nordic Game Conference 2013.