Battleheart Legacy is Getting Updated For iPhone X

Battleheart Legacy, the smash hit mobile action RPG, is finally getting updated for the latest iPhone X devices. It’s also coming to PC but we don’t care about that sort of stuff over here on iFanzine,

If you haven’t played this before, it’s a Diablo-like action RPG that takes place in the same universe as the strategy hit Battleheart and its sequel.

Battleheart Legacy is Also Coming to PC Soon

You create a character from a number of different classes and battle your way through various different dungeons, earning loot. Because everyone loves loot.

You’ll level up, equip that loot, and unlock new skills to grow your power, allowing you to go and battle through even more dungeons and earn even more loot.

So head on over to the App Store and grab it right now. Or, if you own an iPhone X or upwards, wait for us to notify you about that iPhone X update.