Beach Environment Added to ‘Sonic Dash’; Hot New Global Challenge Now Underway


Those of you who’ve been keeping up with Sonic Dash (our review) might have noticed a number of recent changes, which include the addition of an all new beach area environment. Have you been getting tired – after numerous play throughs – of running through the same old Green Hill and Temple Ruin locations, which have been in Sonic Dash since its launch? The beach environment aims to break up that monotony by shaking things up, having both normal and loop-track variants, and even features the leaping killer whale from Sonic Adventure.

Even bigger – though – is some news that should certainly please players that have already unlocked everything in Sonic Dash so far, the addition of a new global challenge to unlock Blaze the Cat! Long time Sonic fans might recognize Blaze the Cat from her previous appearances in Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure, and – to a less honorable extent – Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). This time around the challenge is to earn lots of points, with prizes being unlocked for players if both the global – as well as personal – score goals can be reached before October 6th rolls around.

Even better, this time around iPod Touch 4 users will actually be able to see the global total progress – as well as their own personal tally – thanks to various performance tweaks SEGA has performed on Sonic Dash since the last challenge.