Beat up Historical Figures with Your Voice in ‘Vocal Warrior’

One of the biggest factors going against most Kickstarters is that they’re begging people to support their premise, yet the player often has no tangible proof of how the final game will appear. This — however — is not a problem for CentaurTech’s aptly-named Vocal Warrior, which currently has a freely downloadable early demo available over on the App Store. In the game players take control of various historical figures — such as Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, or even Nikola Tesla — as they all struggle for martial-arts supremacy, except this is one fighting game where no buttons are used whatsoever!

All commands in Vocal Warrior — as suggested by the game’s nomenclature — are activated by shouting at your iDevice, which — despite what you might initially think — works rather accurately. Each character will be able to “Kick” / ”Punch” — “Jump” away / “Run” forward — and execute four different special-attacks, with each of these attacks having Rock-Paper-Scissors style attributes that may be used to interrupt each other. While the player’s attacks seem to activate immediately, the AI-opponents will usually go through a wind-up phase in order to allow players a chance to shout out their desired counter-move.


Finally — should players not like the default-names for any of their battle-moves – you may even freely-assign new names to any of Vocal Warrior’s various commands, at least so long as the freshly-assigned name utilizes only dictionary-valid words.

Sadly the Vocal Warrior’s demo — although perfectly functional — is a bit lack-luster in a variety of other ways, which is likely why CentaurTech has come to Kickstarter’s community with a humble plea for $5,000 in additional development-funds. Thus far nearly $3,500 of this amount has already been secured, which is even more impressive when you consider how Vocal Warrior thus far has not-quite fifty backers behind it. Should any of you wish to join these people in ensuring that Macro — the descendent of Marco Polo — succeeds in his time-hopping journey to find the assassin whom slew his kung-fu master, then keep in mind this Kickstarter is set to conclude on August 10th.

Currently — seeing as how the final product will be Free-to-Play — there doesn’t exist any backer-tiers which include the game itself, yet players will still find that most available reward-tiers include in-game booster-packs. Beyond these booster-packs, additional backer-rewards include: T-shirts (featuring the historical-combatant of your choice), Digital wallpaper, and even the chance to help design an in-game attack. Furthermore — should you happen to have an entire $2,000 just sitting around — you’ll be invited over to CentaurTech’s HQ, where you’ll help design a new historical-fighter for Vocal Warrior!

Control-schemes and reward-tiers aside, Vocal Warrior is still the only fighting game — mobile, or otherwise — where Albert Einstein wields a mighty “Death Ray” ability (and that alone should probably count for something).