Belka Games Brings Japanese Culture to Clockmaker for its Latest In-Game Season

Clockmaker, Belka Game’s hugely popular story-based match-three puzzler heads to Japan. 

Starting on April 19th, this latest season consists of new stages, new story content, and lots of exclusive goodies across three separate in-game events. 

More on all that later. First, here’s a quick recap on Clockmaker for the uninitiated. 

Clocksville has been cursed by the dastardly Clockmaker. Players have to undo this curse by solving a succession of match-three puzzle stages while exploring the game’s charming Victorian environment. 

It sees you swapping gems on a grid to bring matching colors together and clear them. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that. If you bring four or more gems together, for instance, you’ll create a special boost—and you can also obtain these boosts by completing quests or purchasing them at the shop. 

Okay, you’ve got the gist. Clockmaker is a very solid match-three puzzler with a neat aesthetic and a compelling story. 

And that story takes a few twists and turns in the Japanese season. After following a black cat through a portal, Emma finds herself in a Japanese town that’s been struck by the same curse as Clocksville. 

She also meets Riguro, a game developer who makes the alarming discovery that his game—Clockmaker—is merging with reality. Layers within layers. 

A taste of the east...

The first event of the season, Shores of the East, begins on April 19th. This one sees you playing a whole new collection of match-three puzzle stages in order to earn special tickets to exchange them to acquire exclusive decorative items that bring the serene beauty of Japan to your game. 

The Gem-Collecting Tournament is next up, on April 22nd. The goal in this event is to collect as many gems as possible. If you can out-collect your human rivals and top the leaderboard you’ll be in line for some excellent in-game rewards. 

Finally, the Temporary Japanese Town event begins on April 25th, letting you explore a whole new environment as you attempt to work out what is going on up there. 

Just click here to download the game for free on mobile or PC.