Best Free Games #1

Strapped for cash after Christmas? Well don’t worry because plenty of brilliant freebies have hit the Appstore over the past few weeks. From fighting teddy bears to futuristic racers, we count down the best new games that’ll cost you absolutely nothing, nada, zilch…

Grizzly Lite: Obliterating their cute and cuddly image, the critters in Adam Winiecki’s hilarious Street Fighter send-up, Grizzly, are glassy eyed killing machines! Watch the fur fly in the trailer below.

 Woolly The Jumper Lite: We’re currently putting lovable sheep, Woolly, through his paces for a full review of this fun title from the talented folks at Assyria Game Studio. And are loving every minute! So why not leap on over to the Appstore and pick up the lite version, which lets you play through the first level of this vibrant 2D platformer.

Driver Lite: Gameloft’s Driver is that rarest of things, a remake that not only lives up to the original, but improves on it. Retaining the 70’s chase movie aesthetic of the PSone/PC classic, and giving it a glossy new coat of 21st century graphics and a flawless touchscreen control scheme, the game’s a good ‘un. Take it for a test drive now!
CatTaTa Lite: We called this “a purrfect game for all the family.” And with good reason, TechnicArtist’s debut is clever, charming, and genuinely touching. Fall in love with this beautiful game yourself, because the lite version is free to a good home right now.

Future Racer Free: Assyria Studio’s critically acclaimed space racer truly is a thrilling ride. Try the very generous free version now, which includes 2 vehicles and 2 tracks. Stay tuned for a full review from iFanzine soon!