the image shows eren wielding a sword and facing to the side in the roblox blocky style. Behind him is an orange and blue sunrise and the game title is briefed in the bottom right as "U AOT"

Best Gear In Untitled Attack On Titan

Need to get kitted out or just want to look more dapper? Our best gear in Untitled Attack on Titan guide will tell you exactly which gear to unlock! We also include gear stats so you can refine your choice by which gear best fits your play style.

Despite what you might think this game does have a title! Untitled Attack on Titan is a Roblox experience based on the brutal anime of AoT. The game contains a similar blueprint to the story of AoT by enlisting you into the corps. You’ll get your EDM gear and be sent off on missions!

You can check out Untitled Attack on Titan over on Roblox. We also covered an Untitled Attack On Titan Gear Tier List.

Best Gear In Untitled Attack On Titan

We will split the rest of this guide into sections for clarity!


As the title suggests these are gears that can still be obtained from Untitled Attack on Titan.

  • Savage Demise [MYTHICAL] – DMG Multiplier: 3.2/7 / Blades: 8/8 / Gas: 320/350 / Range: 800/900 / Speed 5.8/6
  • Perfect [LEGENDARY] – DMG Multiplier: 4/6 / Blades: 5/6 / Gas: 150/250 / Range: 600/1100 / Speed 5.4/6
  • Godly [LEGENDARY] – DMG Multiplier: 4/6 / Blades: 5/6 / Gas: 145/250 / Range: 580/1100 / Speed 5.36/6


But why include the unobtainable? Well simply put, these serve as a placeholder for if the game ever re-releases these gears. That and if you or someone you know already has them then you know you’ve struck gold!

  • New Years [MYTHICAL] – DMG Multiplier: 3.45/7 / Blades: 8/8 / Gas: 345/350 / Range: 850/900 / Speed 6/6
  • Grinch [MYTHICAL] – DMG Multiplier: 3.3/7 / Blades: 8/8 / Gas: 335/350 / Range: 840/900 / Speed 5.8/6
  • Candy [MYHTICAL] – DMG Multiplier: 2.75/7 / Blades: 7/8 / Gas: 270/350 / Range: 720/900 / Speed 5.16/6

Which Is The Best?

In our opinion, the best gear in Untitled Attack on Titan is one you can actually obtain regardless of when you joined the game. So, we are placing Savage Demise as the game’s current best gear for its sheer stat boost versus other obtainable.