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Which Is The Best Weapon In Swordburst 3? – Blades Showcase

Which Is The Best Weapon In Swordburst 3? My guide tells you my favourite weapon to play with and why! The best weapon is subjective to playstyle, but I hope that my guide is insightful into my gameplay. So, if you’re struggling with your current set, you can rely on me for something better!

Swordburst 3 is bursting with fun (aha!). This title brings some of the most stunning graphics to Roblox that you’ve ever seen. Smooth fight animations, bosses, mounts, loot, all with friends! This RPG has you take on floors of enemies and bosses with strong upgrades as the reward.

Go check out Swordburst 3 over on Roblox. I also have a Swordburst 3 Weapons Tier list! If you fancy something new check out my Second Piece Spec Tier List. This tier ranks all the very non-One Piece lore-accurate abilities you can obtain and fight with!

The Best Weapon In Swordburst 3

The best weapon will be your own choice depending on your play style. There is no true “best” weapon, however, there are popular choices for equipped weaponry which is a good place to start as it’ll be popular for good reason.

The best weapon will also depend on which build style you prefer. Different weapon types have unique advantages and disadvantages such as varied speeds, DPS, ranges and more! Each choice for the best weapon will be listed without skills since that is a different topic entirely and becomes very personal to the individual using that weapon set.

Demons Demise – Best Longsword

Demons Demise is my selection of the best Longsword within Swordburst 3. This weapon is of Epic rarity and can be used if level 39+. Players can find this weapon within chests around Floor 2, and this weapon enjoys a base damage of 1053 clean, and 1197 max.

The reason this weapon is my best choice for a longsword versus those of higher level is due to its clean aesthetic and build when evolved using skill trees. It’s also of higher rarity than the Crimson Fury which can be obtained at a higher level, making it an edge better than its competition. The only weapon that dominates this one is the Legendary Divine Inferno, though this is much harder to obtain.

Infernal Claymore – Best Greatsword

Obtained on Floor 2 with a 1% drop rate when facing the Pathos the Fire Lord boss, the Infernal Claymore is my pick for the best greatsword. This unit of weapon is of legendary rarity and comes with legendary stats to match! You can use this weapon once you’ve reached level 45+, making it one of a few (current) max-level weapons.

Despite swinging at a slower speed because it is a claymore, the Infernal Claymore deals huge tanky damage to make up for its slower impact. It enjoys 1992 DMG clean, and 2230 max DMG.

Royal Edge – Best Katana

Katanas are unique in that they’re quick weapons which allows for consecutive lower DMG attacks at higher speeds. Players who main Katanas can swiftly move between enemies to dodge attacks, as well as quickly pummel enemies in attacks.

My pick for the best Katana is the Royal Edge, which is a Floor 2 legendary weapon. This is another Pathos the Fire Lord boss dropped with a 1% chance and can be used when the player level is 45+ (current game max). This weapon deals 1162 DMG clean, and 1300 max DMG.