Feature image for our Bewitching Bash Monopoly GO Rewards post. Image shows a male character on a broomstick with bats flying around and a moon in the background, with the words 'Bewitching Bash' written at the bottom.

Bewitching Bash Monopoly GO Rewards

What do you get from the Bewitching Bash Monopoly GO Rewards? Our guide features all of the rewards for each level! Monopoly GO is constantly pushing out new and exciting events so it can be hard to keep up. With this post you will know exactly what prizes you can win in the tournament.

Monopoly GO is the mobile entry into the grand Monopoly franchise. Bringing the same thrills as the physical edition plus all new ways to play right to your device. The only thing Monopoly GO is missing is the board flip of frustration! Build your empire, conquer the tycoons of your friends and global strangers, steal, and collect.

You can play Monopoly GO by getting it from the App Store. We also have some other great posts you can check out, such as our Super Snail Gear Tier List and our Taimanin RPG Tier List.

Bewitching Bash Monopoly GO Rewards

Bewitching Blast in Monopoly GO lets you collect Broomstick Tokens. These are obtained in a few different ways:

  • Landing on Chance: +2 Broomstick Tokens
  • Community Chest: +3 Broomstick Tokens
  • Railroads: +5 Broomstick Tokens
Event MilestoneRequired PointsRewards
125Sticker Pack
2205 Prize Drop Chips
34015 Dice Rolls
515075 Dice Rolls
6408 Prize Drop Chips
75015-minute Rent Frenzy
855Sticker Pack
10375200 Dice Rolls
116013 Prize Drop Chips
1390Sticker Pack
148015 Prize Drop Chips
1510010-minute Cash Crab
16850500 Dice Rolls
17100Sticker Pack
1912050 Dice Rolls
2011525 Prize Drop Chips
211,300700 Dice Rolls
22150Sticker Pack
2420040 Prize Drop Chips
262,5001,300 Dice Rolls & Sticker Pack
27275Sticker Pack
2830010-minute High Roller
2932560 Prize Drop Chips
30400100 Dice Rolls
313,500Witch Hat Token & 300 Dice Rolls
32450150 Dice Rolls
3350075 Prize Drop Chips
34650Sticker Pack
357505-minute Cash Boost
364,5002,000 Dice Rolls
3780090 Prize Drop Chips
391,000Sticker Pack
4110,0003,800 Dice Rolls & Sticker Pack
421,600Sticker Pack
431,70020-minute High Roller
441,800120 Prize Drop Chips
457,000700 Dice Rolls
463,000Sticker Pack
473,500150 Prize Drop Chips
4917,5007,500 Dice Rolls & Sticker Pack