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Ride It Out As Red Bull Drops Bike Unchained 3!

Are you a biker and a gamer? Then, it’s time to throw on your helmet and hit the mountain trails with Red Bull’s latest game, Bike Unchained 3. Bike Unchained is a well-loved series, and now it has launched its third volume. Let me give you a quick lowdown on the game!

Bike Unchained 3 is an MTB Downhill bicycle racing adventure published by Red Bull on mobile. Apart from the series and their energetic drinks, Red Bull is also known for publishing other games like Offroad Unchained. It’s free to play and ranks at #56 in Racing in the App Store.

Clip In And Ride!

Bike Unchained 3 has real-time PvP battles, so you can race against other bikers any time you want. Jump into some high-octane races down some wicked mountain trails. Pull off crazy jumps and try to outpace some of the best riders out there.

Your goal in Bike Unchained 3 is to become a mountain biking boss. The game has a bunch of different trails for you to try out, so there are plenty of challenges to face! If you want to ride like a pro, you can unlock tips and tricks from real MTB stars like Gracey Hemstreet and Loic Bruni. On that note, watch the trailer of the game below!

It’s Got All Kinds Of Bikes!

Bike Unchained 3 has a variety of bikes from real brands, including Propain, Transition and GT. You can even customise your bike with parts from top-notch brands like SRAM and Manitou. Also, don’t forget to gear up with some sturdy protective stuff from Leatt, because no one likes a nasty spill!

If you haven’t played any of the games in the series, then grab the game from the App Store now! Are you into puzzlers and cute art? Then, check out our story on Netflix Will Bring Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure To iOS Later This Year.