Official ‘Biker Mice from Mars’ Mobile Game Hopes to Rev up Funding on Kickstarter


Do any of you remember Biker Mice from Mars, the 1993 sci-fi animated TV series — starring anthropomorphic mice fighting to defend Earth from the Plutarkian menace — that lasted three whole seasons (and later had a series revival beginning around 2006)? Although I can’t personally say that I myself ever watched the show, it would seem that the staff over at 9th Impact — hailing from Galway, Ireland — certainly do remember that show. What’s more, they’ve recently announced that they’ve successfully contacted the show’s owner — secured the license — and are currently producing an endless runner chock-full of Plutarkian ass-kicking mayhem!

Now — after spending over a year on art asset design — the trio of Irish developers have turned towards Kickstarter’s community, seeking €20,000 in development funds with which to finish their project. If this amount is successfully raised, they plan to add four episode story-based campaigns — which each containing seven different stages — alongside their traditional endless runner based plans. However, with only €2,930 raised so far — and just 21 days remaining on the clock — there’s much work left to be done if Biker Mice fans are going to finally have a chance to rev their engines once more.

Currently a pledge of just €15 is all that’s needed to become an early beta-tester — on either iOS, or Android — for 9th Impact’s upcoming Biker Mice from Mars, as well as have the developer’s shout out your name on Facebook. Meanwhile — for those extra dedicated to stopping the advancing Plutarkian hordes — additional rewards include: the chance to name a street in-game, name/design a store in-game, or even appear in-game! However — should you now be itching to saddle up — it’s absolutely vital that you chip in your donations before October 23rd rolls around, for that’s when Greasepit’s goons will arrive to wipe out 9th Impact’s hopes and dreams.