‘BIT.TRIP RUN!’ Loses its $3.99 Price Tag, Now Free


Gaijan Games’ rhythmic platformer BIT.TRIP RUN! is one of those premium-priced iOS games that rarely ever seems to go on sale, let alone drops to free, so the fact that it’s just been discounted to $0.00 should definitely be cause for celebration for anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet.

iFanzine’s Nathan Reinauer had lots of nice things to say about BIT.TRIP RUN! in his 4.5-star review of the game, including calling it, “vibrant, quirky, and gorgeous” and “pretty spectacular.” (Full disclosure: Nate did have a few small issues with the controls, but I think they’ve been fine-tuned since then.)

At present, I’m not sure how long the promotion will run for, so you should probably act fast if you fancy snagging this spectacularly fun game for free.

Download BIT.TRIP RUN! from the App Store.