BitLife Achievements List: How to Get All 63 Achievements

Though you’ll spend most of your time chasing ribbons in BitLife, there’s a whole separate achievements system just waiting for those who are eager for more.

There are a whopping 63 achievements in total, rewarding you for living to a certain age, earning a bunch of money, and dying in a variety of horrific manners.

While most of the achievements are pretty straightforward, there are a few that are a bit tricky to complete. In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the achievements in BitLife and provide a few pointers on how to get each of them.

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BitLife Achievements List:

  • Complete a Life: Finish a whole life
  • Octogenerian: Reach 80 years old
  • Nonagenerian: Reach 90 years old
  • Centenarian: Reach 100 years old
  • Super-centenarian: Reach 110 years old
  • Mega-centenarian: Reach 120 years old
  • Millionaire: Earn a million in a single life
  • My Second Million: Earn two million in a single life
  • Multimillionaire: Earn 10 million in a single life
  • Rich: Earn 20 million in a single life
  • Super Rich: Earn 50 million in a single life
  • Stinking Rich: Earn 100 million in a single life
  • Career Military: Serve in the military for your entire career
  • General: Get promoted to General
  • Admiral: Get promoted to Admiral
  • Absent Without Leave: Go AWOL
  • Dentist: Get a job as a dentist
  • Doctor: Get a job as a doctor
  • Lawyer: Get a job as a lawyer
  • Judge: Get a job as a judge
  • CEO: Get promoted to CEO
  • Actor: Get a job as an actor
  • Airline Captain: Get a job as an airline captain
  • Fire Chief: Get a job as a fire chief
  • Social Media: Get a social media account
  • Social Media Sharer: Post once on social media
  • Social Media Oversharer: Post on social media five times in a single life
  • Social Media Star: Get a million social media followers in a single life
  • Moviegoer: See a movie
  • Movie Junkie: See five movies in a single life
  • Naughty Child: Get expelled from school
  • Instigator: Initiate a prison riot
  • Justice: Appeal your prison sentence and win
  • Escape Artist: Escape from prison
  • Midnight Express: Go to prison in Turkey
  • There’s Always Canada: Move to Canada
  • Say Goodbye to Hollywood: Get deported from America
  • Abort x10: Have 10 abortions in a single life
  • Fabulously Fertile: Have 10 children in a single life
  • Multigamist: Get married 10 times in a single time
  • Stud: Have sex with 100 different people in a single life
  • Hungry Hippo: Get killed by a hippo
  • Gorilla and the Fist: Get killed by a gorilla
  • Animal Rescue: Successfully rescue an animal
  • Lion Tamer: Successfully rescue a lion
  • Hero: Save a life
  • Lambo: Purchase a Lamborghini
  • Car Collector: Own a car collection worth at least a million
  • Real Estate Mogul: Own a property collection worth at least a million
  • Trailer Party: Throw a trailer party
  • Mansion Party: Throw a mansion party
  • Jackpot: Win the lottery
  • Bubonic Plague: Get the plague
  • Foam at the Mouth: Get rabies
  • Booty Call: Get a successful Brazilian butt lift
  • Ultimate Betrayal: Have a sex change and if your spouse leaves you, get this achievement
  • Snake Snack: Eat a snake
  • Successful Rehab: Cure an addiction at rehab
  • Medieval Attack: Get assaulted with a medieval weapon
  • Witchcraft: Have a witch doctor cure a disease
  • Winnipeg, Eh?: Go to Winnipeg on holiday
  • Cliff Diver: Dive off a cliff
  • Skeezy: Get called ‘skeezy’