BitLife Gets Dark Mode, Power User, and a Bunch of New Features in Latest Update

BitLife has just received a massive new update that introduces a bunch of much-requested features to the hit text-based life simulator.

The most notable of these is easily Dark Mode, which switches the whites to blacks and the reds to blues. That should save your eyes during late night play.

BitLife Now Features Military Deployments, Birth Control, and a Bunch of Other Gameplay Improvements

Then there’s Power User, which will help you conserve your battery. Now you can still play BitLife even when you’re short on juice.

In terms of gameplay, there’s plenty of new stuff to dig in, including:

  • Military deployments
  • Birth control
  • Have multiple babies in a year (as a father only)
  • Long distance relationships
  • Gifts
  • Family vacations, get togethers, and emigration
  • Time machine

You can grab BitLife right now from the App Store, where the latest update is available right now.