BitLife Guide: How to Get the Famous Ribbon

Everyone wants to be famous but that level of success is out of reach for most people. That’s probably why BitLife has proven to be such a standout success on mobile, because literally everyone can become famous on it.

In fact, there’s even a ribbon dedicated to it. So even if you don’t actually care very much at all to be famous, there’s certainly a solid reason to achieve it in one of your BitLives.

Fortunately for you, we’re going to detail exactly how to become famous in this guide. So read on for a bunch of tips and tricks on how to become immensely popular.

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The career path:

Want to get famous the difficult way? Well, the best way to achieve that is by becoming an actor or porn star. All you really need is good looks and a bit of drive and you’re set for life, just like in the real world.

The difficulty with this path is that it relies heavily on luck. You can go to the gym regularly to increase your looks, but this score can only go so high this way.

So really, if you want to get the famous ribbon this way, we recommend doing so on a BitLife where you have a natural advantage in the looks department.

If not, you can always earn a bunch of money and get plastic surgery. That can seriously give you a boost in the looks department but it’s costly, and the failure rates are pretty high.

Either way, if you get your looks up enough you should have no trouble landing a job as an actor, porn star, or stripper. Keep pursuing your career and eventually you should become mega famous.

The social media path:

The easiest path to success is to join social media and post an awful lot. The more you post, the more your fanbase will grow – though it’ll grow an awful lot faster if you already have a job as an actor or porn star.

So really, you want to perform both of these paths in tandem if you want to be the most successful and famous.