BitLife Guide: How to Get the Lustful Ribbon

The lustful ribbon is pretty self-explanatory: have a bunch of lovers during the course of your BitLife.

However, lots of lovers leads to complications, just like in real life, so we’re here to provide you with a bunch of tips to make it easier.

How to Get the Lustful Ribbon in BitLife:

  • Fornicate, fornicate, fornicate: That’s right, you have to fornicate as often as possible. Have one night stands, have a relationship – it doesn’t matter. Just fornicate whenever the opportunity arises and with as many people as possible.
  • Get into kinky stuff: Having threesomes is a great method of getting this ribbon, as you’ll have two lovers at once. Fortune favours the bold.
  • Don’t achieve anything else: You don’t want to accidentally get another ribbon, so we suggest you just live a very boring life outside of your sex life. Drop out of school, don’t go to university, and just get a dull job.
  • Avoid diseases: You don’t want to get a disease that will affect your ability to have lots of fornication, so try and practice safe fornication.
  • Aim for over 30 lovers: You basically want to sleep with over 30 people during your lifetime to get this ribbon. To guarantee it, sleep with more people than your age.