BitLife Jobs Guide: All of the Best Paying Jobs and How to Get Them

In BitLife, the text-based life simulator, you can live any type of life you want to. You can become a world-renowned movie star, save millions as a doctor, or just literally do nothing and wave your life away.

Some of you though will want to have a long and successful career, making millions in the process. If that’s you, then this guide is for you. We’ll talk you through the best paying jobs and how to get them in BitLife.

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Before you begin:

First of all, it’s important to note that not all BitLives are created equally. You might have an inherent disadvantage, like you come from a poor background or have low smarts. So just like in real life, you might be screwed from the start.

So you’ll want to plan your BitLife smartly. Try and start in a rich economy like the US and work on your smarts from a very young age by studying hard. Having good looks will help too, so go to the gym a few times as well.

Also, you’ve got to be realistic. Going to medical school and getting a job as a doctor is a very lucrative career, but it costs an awful lot to pay off those school fees. You’ve got to make sure you can afford it before you even begin or you’ll be struggling with debt for the rest of your life.

If you’re lucky and can get a scholarship, you’ll be set for life. If not, and you can’t afford tuition, aim for a career that doesn’t require expensive study. We’ll discuss that later on in this guide.

What are the best paying jobs in BitLife?

So we’ve already learned that every BitLife is different and the best paying jobs can vary. Depending where you’re born, a job that is high paying in one country might not be in another, so take a look at that before you even begin.

However, there are a few jobs that are surefire hits no matter where you are. Working as a medical profession, a pilot, or an actor/porn star is generally quite lucrative.

You’ll need to study hard if you plan on getting one of the first two though, and going to a relevant school. That costs a lot of money, so you’ll need to hit the ground running in your job and study hard as a kid.

Getting a job as an actor is a little easier, though you’re relying on looks. Some BitLives have an inherent disadvantage in this department. You’ll want a character that starts off with an advantage in this department, then go to the gym until you max it out.

Then, you’ll want to move to a place like Hollywood to get the high paying jobs.

Other options include a Stockbroker or Business Analyst, but again this relies on getting a solid education in business.

So basically, if you have a character that starts with an advantage in the looks department, aim for a career as an actor. Post on social media a lot, go to the gym a lot, and move to a place with high paying acting gigs.

If not, focus on increasing your smarts. This is less luck-based than looks, and simply requires you to study hard and go to the library a lot. Take a look at the jobs list as well and see what’s on top of the pile, then aim for that.

If you’re in a low-earning country, it’s probably a good idea to emigrate to somewhere like the US. Or, you could just simulate your life and hope for better luck next time.