BitLife Looks and Smarts Guide: How to Get Smart and Look Better

Being intelligent and good looking aren’t only handy in real life, they also help you live your best BitLife. In fact, some of the best jobs are only available to those that focus on these particular attributes from an early age.

In this guide, we’re going to help you gain this natural advantage in life by detailing the exact steps you’ll need to take to increase your looks and smarts statistics in BitLife. We can’t do anything to help you in real life though. You’re on your own there!

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How to Increase your Looks in BitLife

First, a disclaimer: while you can absolutely increase your looks rating in BitLife, your initial score is largely out of your control.

If you really want to get your looks to 100, you’re probably going to want to wait until you start life with a natural advantage. Or, in other words, you have a high natural score.

After that, it’s a case of going to the gym every single year as soon as you’re able – and can afford it. That’s the most surefire way to increase your looks.

You can also get a serious boost by getting plastic surgery, but this poses a considerable risk. If it fails – and it has a high chance to – you can get left with a lower score than you did previously.

Low risk surgeries are relatively inexpensive though, and will provide a small boost. We’d recommend saving this for later in life though, when you can afford it.

Also, each time you have plastic surgery, your chances of failure increase. So if you are going to do it, don’t go for too many.

How to Increase your Smarts in BitLife

Smarts are much easier to increase in BitLife, and you aren’t hampered as much naturally as you are with looks.

Basically, it works the same way it does in real life: study hard and go to the library once per year and you’ll see that smart score skyrocket.

Keeping your smarts is a little trickier though. You’ll want to avoid doing anything silly, like drinking too much. Oh, and don’t take drugs at all – that will lower your smarts.