BitLife Ribbons Guide: How to Get All 27 Ribbons

Collecting Ribbons is the bread and butter of BitLife, the absolutely massive text-based life simulator that’s currently taking mobile by storm.

It allows you to live pretty much any life you can imagine, be it rockstar, doctor, or serial killer, and tells the story of your life with a dark but hilarious sense of humour.

As you live a variety of different lives, you’ll start to unlock Ribbons. These reward you for doing different things like getting rich, having a bunch of kids, or committing a lot of crimes.

There are 27 of them in total, and beneath we’re going to list the lot of them. We’ll also give you a few pointers on how to earn them, because we’re nice like that.

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BitLife: All 27 Ribbons

  • Academic: Study hard as a kid, go to university, max out your smarts.
  • Addict: Get an addiction and don’t cure it.
  • Cunning: Go to prison, escape, don’t get caught.
  • Deadly: Become a serial killer.
  • Family Guy: Get married, have kids, keep their happiness bars maxed.
  • Famous: Become an actor or porn star, post to social media, get as many followers as possible.
  • Fertile: Have four kids and simulate the rest of your life.
  • Geriatric: Live to over 100 years. Don’t do anything too crazy and stay healthy.
  • Globetrotter: Emigrate to different countries, go on holiday abroad a lot, and travel.
  • Hero: Be nice, forgive people, avoid confrontation. Max out your karma.
  • High Roller: Win millions from gambling alone. Play Blackjack and close the app if you lose. If you win, keep playing.
  • Houdini: Go to prison, escape, and do it all over again as many times as you can.
  • Jailbird: Go to prison and try and stay there for your entire life. Try to escape and fail to add more years to your sentence.
  • Lazy: Literally do nothing. Just simulate your entire life away.
  • Loaded: Earn $10 million and simulate the rest of your life.
  • Lustful: Have as much sex as humanly possible but avoid having kids.
  • Mediocre: Just live an ordinary life and try not to do anything spectacular.
  • Rich: Earn a million and simulate the rest of your life.
  • Rowdy: Go to a lot of parties, clubs, and argue with people.
  • Scandalous: Start fights, go to jail, be aggressive.
  • Stupid: Don’t study, drop out of school, and make poor decisions.
  • Successful: Live the middle class dream. Have kids, earn good money, buy a house.
  • Teammate: Become an app developer, just like developer Candywriter.
  • Thief: Steal everything, pickpocket, burgle, and perform grand theft auto, don’t get caught.
  • Unlucky: Die young from an accident or terminal illness.
  • Wasteful: End your life before doing anything else to get this depressing ribbon.
  • Wicked: Have a lot of threesomes.