BitLife Scandalous Ribbon Guide: How to Murder and Get Away With It

There are many dark ribbons in BitLife, but perhaps none more so than the scandalous ribbon. This challenges you to be a pretty nasty individual during your BitLife by basically living a life of violence.

While this might sound pretty straightforward, it’s actually quite tricky to pull off if you don’t know how. Fortunately, that’s why we’re here. We’ve gathered together a bunch of tips and tricks that put even Making a Murderer to shame.

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Early Life Tips and Tricks:

We’re not entirely sure if the following is essential, but given that the remit of this ribbon is ‘a BitLife of violence’, it might make sense to start as early as possible.

So basically, as a kid, just get involved in scraps. Beat up buddies, fight anyone who starts on you – whatever. You’ll want to be a troubled kid to give yourself the best chance of getting this ribbon.

Making Yourself a Murderer:

So you want to live the BitLife of a murderer and get the scandalous ribbon? Well, it’s time to get yourself acquainted with the ‘Crime’ tab.

Simply tap on ‘Activities’ then ‘Crime’ and finally ‘Murder’ to get started on your career as a murderer. You’ll then get an option to choose your victim and, rather more morbidly, the method of execution. If you really want the scandalous ribbon, don’t go for atomic wedgie. It doesn’t work.

Once you’ve slain your innocent foe you’ll be whisked off to prison, where the real work begins. You’ll want to be an unruly prisoner during your stint in prison.

While in prison, you’ll want to start plenty of riots and get involved in as many fights as possible. That’s all you really have to do to get yourself this ribbon.