BitLife Schools List: How to Get Into All 8 Schools

If you want to live a successful BitLife, you’ll probably want to go to school. Just like in the real world, studying is a necessary part of getting a good job – unless you want to become a YouTuber or games journalist.

There are eight different schools in BitLife and each of them has a different requirement you have to meet during childhood to get into them.

But don’t despair – we’re here to lift the veil for you and give you direct instructions on how to get into each school. Happy studying.

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BitLife: All 8 Schools

  • Business School: Study Mathematics or another business-related subject.
  • Dental School: Increase your smarts and study a science.
  • Graduate School: Study a core subject like English, Psychology, or Mathematics.
  • Law School: Study hard as a kid, increase your smarts, and study History, English, or Political Science.
  • Medical School: Same as Law School except you need to study Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
  • Nursing School: Study Nursing.
  • Pharmaceutical School: Study a science at university.
  • Veterinary School: Get a degree in a scientific subject.