BitLife Turns One Year Old and Releases the Massive School Life Update to Celebrate

BitLife is celebrating its first anniversary on iOS, and to celebrate developer Candy Writer has released a huge new update for our favourite text-based life simulator.

The new update celebrates school life, in all of its positives and negatives. You can form relationships with your classmates and teachers, both friendly and intimate, and participate in extracurricular activities.

BitLife’s School Life Update is Available Now on iOS

This includes sports, like football, and joining a band. You can also join cliques to share your newfound passion with your fellow classmates, including band geeks and jocks.

While at university, you can join sororities and frats. These act similarly to cliques in that they can help you find like-minded people.

The rest of the update includes the addition of grade school, school nurses, an overhauled intelligence test mini-game, global leaderboards, and a variety of bug fixes.

You can grab BitLife, including the latest update, right now on the App Store for free.