Black Desert Mobile Classes List: Which is the Best Class?

Black Desert Mobile finally launched last week on iOS, offering a miniature version of the hit console and PC MMORPG franchise. While much of it remains familiar: the locations you’ll explore, the life skills you’ll gain, and many of the classes you’ll play as.

In this guide, we’re going to dig deeper into these classes to help you decide which one is the right one for you.

Black Desert Mobile Classes Available Now


If you like getting stuck in at melee range, battling enemies with a sword and shield, the Warrior is the choice for you. This class features balanced statistics, capable of dishing out solid damage while taking it in kind. Its skills are capable of incapacitating its enemies as much as dealing damage to them. The only real weakness of the warrior is its lack of a ranged weapon.


That’s not a problem that the Ranger shares, however. As its name suggests, this class is the master of ranged combat, capable of dealing enormous damage from the greatest distance. While it’s not particularly formidable at close range, it does have a dagger that you can whip out to stave off any enemies that manage to close the gap.


The Witch is the sole magic user currently available in Black Desert Mobile, and she’s incredibly powerful. If you like taking on groups of foes at once, entirely neglecting defence in exchange for raw power, the Witch is the class for you. Just make sure you kill everything before it even manages to get close to you or you’re in trouble.


The Giant, much like the Warrior, also likes to get stuck into melee combat but the Giant focuses almost entirely on offence. It’s also a lot better at fighting off groups, where its AoE attacks shine. The Giant fights with an enormous axe, so if you like raw chaos, go for this one.


When we mentioned that the Witch was the only magic user available in the game right now, we weren’t being entirely honest. The Valkyrie, while sharing the sword and shield of the Warrior, can actually cast supportive magic that will help keep your team alive. There’s no healer in Black Desert Mobile, but the Valkyrie is the closest you’ll get.

Black Desert Mobile Classes Coming Later

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is basically the antithesis to the Valkyrie, in that it’s a melee fighter that can also cast spells. While the Valkyrie focuses on support, the Dark Knight is more interested in dealing damage.


The Sorceress is an upcoming magic user that, much like the Witch, focuses on dealing damage to her opponents.


Musa is a primarily melee class that can swap to ranged on a whim, thanks to its Horn Bow secondary weapon.