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Blade & Soul Revolution Is Celebrating Its 5th Anniversary

Christmas is almost here, plus it’s their 5th anniversary, so the celebrations ought to be massive, right? Blade & Soul Revolution, the open-world mobile RPG dropped its 5th Anniversary Update with a new character, new weapons and more!

Demolish The Evil

The New Original Class Demolisher has been added as a playable character. Armed with a hefty hammer, it can slow down foes with the Tripshot. There’s a new server for you to snag up to 50,000 Colourful Crystals using Silvers.

Other additions to the update include the Radiant Yunma Kahn Legendary Soul Shield and a new Guardian Spirit Protection System. Also, if you’re up for a challenge with a buddy, the Ranking Dungeon is the place to be. It lets you experience a PvE gameplay for up to 2 players.

5th Anniversary Special Bundle!

Got your hands on the Blade & Soul Revolution 5th Anniversary Special Bundle? If not, then head to the App Store and download the game. The bundle does complete justice to its name and is indeed quite special! You’ll get the Special Summon Pouch 10+1, the Vibrant Selection Chest and the Premium Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1.

Also, join the Silver Festival for goodies like an Ancient Pet, Radiant Legendary Equipment Full Set, Legendary Guardian Spirit, Skill Badge and more. Want daily rewards? They’ve got you covered! Just check in every day till January 17, 2024, and rake in summons and badges.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an MMORPG which had five playable classes Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Blade Master, Force Master and Summoner during the launch. However, the title has fourteen classes now, including Gunslinger, Astromancer and DualBlade.

It’s set in a fantasy world where three Realms the Earthen Realm, the Divine Realm and the Dark Realm meet. The story revolves around the students at Hongmoon School learning and mastering martial arts.

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