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Blade & Soul Update For February Has Epic Relics And Tons Of Events!

After celebrating its 5th Anniversary in December last year, Blade & Soul Revolution, the open-world mobile RP, drops its February update. You’ll spot fresh changes to the Ancient Grade Hunt Equipment and Relics. Follow along as we give you the complete lowdown of the Blade & Soul update.

What’s The Buzz In This Blade & Soul Update?

The Ancient Grade Hunt Equipment is pumped up to give you more XP. Also, the spotlight of this Blade & Soul update is on the Radiant Legendary Relic. It brings in the elusive Ancient Grade Relic that lets you power up your characters that used to be hard to snag before.

You can snag the Prosperous Pouch and Lucky Pouch using Silver till March 5. These exclusive pouches come with tons of goodies inside them! The Prosperous Pouch has goodies like the Attack Type Radiant Legendary Equipment Set, Gilded Triangular Gem and Handmade Underwater Palace Fishing Rod. The Lucky Pouch has treasures like the Legendary Guardian Spirit, Legendary Pet and Legendary Skill Badge.

Tons Of Events Are Going Down!

First up is the New Year 28-day Check-in Event from February 1 to March 20. Check-in for 28 days and rake in goodies like the Luxurious Legendary Skill Badge Unseal 10+1, Luxurious Legendary Gem Summon 10+1 and Premium Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1.

Next, the Bonus Time Event is from February 1 to March 5. It lets you get a 100% boost in Battle XP gain and a 100% increase in user Kill Faction Points. The Check-In Event is running from February 1 to February 13. It lets you score goodies like the Premium Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1 and Dungeon Auto-Clear Ticket.

Last but not least, the Revolution Challenge Event starts from February 1 till March 5. Nail the missions and get your hands on some Ancient Fragments. Do all these sound exciting? Then, grab the game from the App Store and give it a try!

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