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Bladers Rebirth Traits Tier List

This Bladers Rebirth Traits Tier List ranks every Trait from best to worst so you know which to trust unto your elite parts.

Traits are a booster that gets applied to parts when bought from a booster pack in the in-game store. They add a passive buff when equipped to heighten the strength and potential of your parts. Or at least you’d hope so! Not all are created equal which is why I’ve crafted this tier list.

Check out Bladers Rebirth over on Roblox. For more tiers, check out my Type Soul Race Tier List and Type Soul Partial Res Tier List.

Bladers Rebirth Traits Tier List

Let’s get into the rankings!


OP! These Traits are the best of the best. These Traits boast versatility and strength with little to no flaws.

  • Dragon (Legendary 1%)
  • Buddha (Rare 5%)
  • Unbreakable (Unique 0.1%)


Great alternatives if you don’t have access to those in my S-ranks.

  • Glass (Legendary 1%)
  • Miyamoto (Uncommon 20%)
  • Jester (Rare 5%)


These average Traits may come in handy sometimes but they’re not overwhelmingly good or bad.

  • Dryad (Rare 5%)
  • Shadow (Uncommon 20%)


Weaker Traits which offer less to the user. They may be decent for some niche uses but are overall quite pitiful.

  • Templar (Common 50%)


I would not recommend using these Traits at all!

  • Generic (Common 50%)

Bladers Rebirth Traits List

Here, I’ll list each Trait within Bladers Rebirth so you can see the full list of availability. Any Trait not slotted into the rankings simply hasn’t had enough research, time or experience to be properly ranked. I wouldn’t want to publish a half-baked tier list with faux rankings after all! I recommend that you bookmark this page and check back for when all Traits are included in the ranks.

  • Generic
  • Templar
  • Shadow
  • Miyamoto
  • Buddha
  • Dryad
  • Jester
  • Glass
  • Dragon
  • Unbreakable